Md Sumon Rana is an one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs

Md Sumon Rana is an one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs

 Many companies have been created in Bangladesh in recent years and they are increasing their global stature and strengthening their position. In the last 10 years, many young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh have developed and become established businessmen. There are about 582 million entrepreneurs in the world and about 22.5% of them failed in the first year. Statistics show that most entrepreneurs start their businesses between the ages of 40 and 60. But the scenario in Bangladesh is a little different, a land of many promises and more imminent possibilities; Pushing today's young stars to become entrepreneurs. Although they have to fight for their choice and struggle for it until they prove themselves right.

Md Sumon Rana is an Entrepreneur, one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Young stars are coming up with some amazing ideas to improve their social life and the economic challenges it. The young star is focused, dedicated, and persistent in his own dreams.  We are now talking about, the Bangladeshi young entrepreneur who is working for the pride of Bangladesh. He is Md Sumon Rana

As our country is overpopulated, the job market often sees educated youth lamenting. However, many people are successful without spending time behind a job The main basis of their success is self-employment. This trend is now increasing in this age of digital technology. The creative thoughts of the country and the youth are improving. Through the creation of new jobs, people's lives are also being improved.

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The world has created many role models for young entrepreneurs. All these young entrepreneurs are in the age range of 40 years from whom the youth can take inspiration. Recently, one of the young Asian entrepreneurs Md Suman Rana. But he is now 26 years old.

Md. Sumon Rana, after getting a job opportunity in Bangladesh Police, dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur by creating self-employment. Passed SSC in 2012 and HSC in 2014 and started looking after his father's business with his father.

Since 2016, Md. Sumon Rana is successfully managing his company M/s Sumon Enterprises till 2022. Young star entrepreneur Md. Suman Rana is the distributor of various companies. The list is the Distributor at Auto crop Care ltd, Distributor at ACI Crop Care, Distributor at Padma Oil Company Limited-POCL, Distributor at RFL Sulov spray machinery, Distributor at UPL Bangladesh Ltd., Distributor at SQUARE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. CROP CARE DIVISION, Distributor at Setu Corporation Ltd, Distributor at Petrochem Bangladesh Limited, Alpha agro ltd, Green Bangla Agrovet Limited, etc.

Md Suman Rana got an honor letter in UPL Bangladesh limited dealer conference 2022 program. 

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