Signs of loss from belly fat

Signs of loss from belly fat


Signs of loss from belly fat

Not only does it increase weight, but belly fat puts various health risks including cancer and heart disease.

Waist size more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men is harmful to the body.

Abdominal fat is known as 'visceral fat.

"Visceral fat covers parts of the internal organs and hangs from the colon like an apron," says Samuel Klein, MD, a gastroenterologist and chief of the Geriatrics and Nutritional Sciences Department at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

"It increases the risk of metabolic diseases including insulin resistance, high blood pressure, diabetes, 'cardiovascular disease' and fatty liver disease," he added in a report published on

A fat belly is harmful

Dr. "Cleveland Clinic-Avon Hospital" is located in Ohio, USA. Daniel Allan says, “Severe abdominal fat increases health risks. This is due to the accumulation of fat in the internal organs of the body. It adheres tightly to the abdomen and stretches the abdominal wall outwards. As a result, it looks bigger.”

The abdominal wall itself is made up of muscle and tough fibrous tissue and is very hard so the stomach also feels tight.

Belly fat and cancer

Long-term abdominal fat increases the risk of various cancers in both men and women.

German doctor Ray Schilling said, "Increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke is not only cardiovascular disease in the long term but also accumulation of fat in the liver known as 'fatty liver disease. In many cases, it can lead to 'liver cirrhosis or liver cancer."

Belly fat causes inflammation along the lining of blood vessels. As a result, the immune system can also be affected over time.

A weakened immune system contributes to cancer in many cases. Cancers associated with obesity are breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer. Prostate cancer in men.

And pancreatic and rectal cancer in both sexes.

The 'skinny fat' risk

Even after being thin, many people can still carry the dreaded 'visceral fat.

"Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute" medical director Dr. Daniel Neides said, “He has seen many patients who look healthy and fit on the outside. But much weaker from within.”

Eating disorders

'Visceral fat is associated with diet. A lack of healthy food can worsen its condition.

"Visceral fat increases due to the consumption of sugar or processed foods, which leads to weight gain," said Dr. Mark Hyman of the "UltraWellness Center" in the United States.

Do not exercise

Abdominal fat accumulates due to a lack of regular exercise.

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiologist Ian J. "Visceral fat can affect local organs or whole body processes," Niland says. Systemically it affects the heart and liver as well as the abdominal organs.”

He also said, "Research has shown that body weight index, which is used as a metric weight, does not know whether the body weight is equal everywhere or not." The type and location of fat should be understood. Exercise helps reduce visceral fat."

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