Finally, the edit button is on Twitter, but not for everyone


Finally, the edit button is on Twitter, but not for everyone

Regular Twitter users can identify edited tweets by the 'Last Edited' label next to the 'dark pencil'-looking edit icon.

Twitter posted a tweet from a verified account named Twitter Blue - "This is a test to make sure the edit button works." After a while, another sentence was added to the edited version of the tweet - "Will let you know the results of the exam soon."

This is how Twitter announced the launch of the much-awaited "Edit Button".

With the new feature, users will get a chance to edit a tweet within 30 minutes of posting it.

Only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to take advantage of this new feature, which has been in beta testing for several months.

Twitter's premium customer service is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. And the monthly cost is 4.99 US dollars. However, it may launch in some other countries in the near future, reports tech site TechRadar.

While the new edit button allows Twitter Blue users to correct embarrassing mistakes, regular Twitter users can identify edited tweets by a 'Last Edited' label, which appears next to a 'bold pencil' icon.

Anyone can see a tweet's 'edit history' (what was changed and when) by clicking on the 'Last Edited' label, which TechRadar reports is likely Twitter's solution to 'maintain transparency' between paying and free users.

Previous versions of this tweet now have a label that reads “A new version of this tweet has arrived. See the latest tweet for clarity.”

In addition to editable tweets, Twitter Blue now offers more 'UI customization', ad-free reporting, and 'undo' tweets with a 60-second countdown timer.


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