Ways to keep high blood pressure at bay

Ways to keep high blood pressure at bay


Ways to keep high blood pressure at bay

Just reducing salt intake can help prevent high blood pressure.

Lifestyle plays a direct role in causing and controlling high blood pressure.

Although there is a risk of developing this condition with age, there is also a risk of developing high blood pressure in families.

Blood pressure needs to be known

The chief medical officer of Cambodia's online-based medical service organization "Clearing" Dr. "Everyone should know and be aware of their blood pressure," says Jakob Hascalovici. This requires regular check-ups and self-inquiry from the doctor.”

People who consume a lot of sodium have a higher risk of high blood pressure.

Harmful aspects of not relieving high blood pressure

Dr. "High blood pressure increases the risk of fatigue, weakness, pain, and even a heart attack or stroke," explains Haskalovici. Without proper treatment, high blood pressure can lead to kidney, heart and vision problems.”

Eat less salt

Dr. According to Hascalovici, “Salt increases high blood pressure. Because this causes the body to retain water, which creates pressure in the veins."

Reducing even the slightest amount of salt from the daily diet is beneficial for the body. Seasoned spices can be used instead of cooking salt if possible.

Moreover, processed food, fast food and heavy salty food should be avoided.

According to the Mayo Clinic in the US, even a small reduction in sodium intake can help keep the heart healthy and reduce high blood pressure by five to six mm Hg.

The effect of sodium intake on blood pressure varies among different groups.

In general, 2300 ml per day. Grams should consume more sodium. 1500 ml daily for adults. grams or less of sodium should be consumed.

Keeping stress under control

“When under stress, the body produces hormones to deal with it. or increases pressure above normal. It makes the heart beat faster," said Dr. Haskalovici.

He further said, “The problem is that high stress causes hypertension. Exercise, sleep, good friends, meaningful things and quiet moments help manage stress.”

Also, many people find that meditation, massage, nature walks or mind control exercises help reduce stress.”

Paying attention to waist size

According to the Mayo Clinic, waist size is beneficial for overall health. Excess weight and increased waist size are responsible for high blood pressure.

Generally, men are at risk if their waist measurement is greater than 40 inches (102 cm). Women are at risk if their waist measurement is greater than 35 inches (89 cm).

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