The aroma of Bangladesh's title with the blossoming of aesthetic football.

The aroma of Bangladesh's title with the blossoming of aesthetic football.

saff women's championship 2022

Gholam Rabbani Chhotan's team painted itself with the glory of becoming the champion after showing rhythmic football throughout the tournament.

As the last whistle blew, the dugout of Bangladesh shook. The girls danced. Bilingual running and bandhanhara celebration began. The excitement of touching the sky and hugging each other. Sabina-Krishna-Monikara painted the sign of respect and love by throwing the coach Golam Rabbani Chhotan, whose hard work-sweat-sacrifice so far, caught the dream trophy, and history was written. The festival does not want to end.

How will it end? After so much waiting, after so much neglect and traversing the path of pain, fighting with thousands of surroundings, such a day has come. The festival of getting rid of the emptiness of the past and enjoying the fullness of the achievement is not over.

Not only because of the elusive trophy, but the girls of Bangladesh have won hearts with an aesthetic display of rhythmic football. After playing beautiful football throughout the tournament, these girls finally stepped on the victory stage.

Nepal, which has reached the final for the fifth time, is very worried about this. Suddenly before the match, Kathmandu's sky is also upset. In the afternoon it was sunny, then the sky became cloudy.

As the sun began to dip a little on the western horizon, the cry of the sky turned into a heavy downpour. The green field of Ra Dashrath Stadium became muddy and slippery. Savitra Bhandari-Anita Basnetra could not emerge in the hundreds. But Sabina-Shamsunnahara drew the picture of winning the first title by scratching the beautiful football cotton on the tear-stained canvas.

Aggressive Bangladesh from the beginning. A big shock came at the beginning. After scoring a brace against India, Sirat Jahan Sapna, who found the net at 1 minute 34 seconds in the semi-final against Bhutan, left the field in a huff. When the match was only 10 minutes old, the team lost the big hope of the attack.

The diminutive Shamsunnahar Jr. came down with the mountain-like pressure to make up for Sapna's lack. He removed the dark cloud of fear within four minutes.

Monika Chakma turned the ball from just above the byline and sent a great cross into the box, Shamsunnahar's dashing flick flicked the ball into the net in the blink of an eye. There was a cremation silence in the gallery filled to the brim with home fans. Bangladesh received the first hit in the picture.

In the 34th minute, goalkeeper Rupana Chakma saved Basnet's shot with incredible determination for a corner. After that corner, Nepal's shot from inside Jatla hit the post, then Masura Parveen saved the team from the goal line. In 2019, in Viratnagar, in the semi-final against Nepal in the sixth minute, this defender did not do a great job of removing the curse of the suicide goal.

Later, when the match was over, the jaw-dropping campaign successful, and Masura began to dance. Monica-Mariara joined him. It was as if Viratnag's suffering was forgotten in the rhythm of Masura's dance. Heard the relief from the nightmare.

"But this time I saved the team by saving from the goal-line. Now no one can talk about that suicide goal!”

With the turning of the clock, the picture of the historical achievements of Bangladesh began to emerge little by little. In the 41st minute, Bangladesh was excited to double the gap.

Captain Sabina Khatun passed to Krishna after getting the ball by mistake from one of the opponent's players. Taking control at the first touch, the forward made a perfect left-footed shot over the goalkeeper's head. Later, once more, he flew to Dasaratha's yard in the joy of the goal.

Krishna's joy of scoring a pair of goals in the final was unstoppable.

“I scored one goal in the group stage match against India. I scored two goals in the final. How can I express this joy… It feels real, real good.”

Nepal has been able to shake the wall of this good feeling of Bangladesh only once. In the 70th minute, Basnet scored with a strong angled shot when he got the ball in space inside the box. Rupana jumped but could not reach the ball. This was his first defeat in the tournament; Bangladesh also digested the first goal!

But in the script of the match, Bangladesh is in the driver's seat. The team hammered the last nail in Nepal's coffin in the 77th minute. Krishna caught the pass of his teammate and dodged the Nepal goalkeeper with a cool head. The countdown has begun for the girls to celebrate their first-ever title in the colors of victory.

As in the last four matches, the girls continued to do their work in the final as well. From the beginning to the end, Ankhi Khatun-Shiuli Azim cut the threads of Nepal's attack sometimes with perfect slides, sometimes with great tackles. Monica-Maria-Sanjidara has kept the reins of the midfield, even if they lost a bit at times. Forward Sabina also played a little lower and set.


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