'Tendulkar can still be released by Koheli'

'Tendulkar can still be released by Koheli'

 'Tendulkar can still be released by Koheli'

However, Ricky Ponting also reminded us that the path is quite difficult.

The way Virat Kohli was progressing towards scoring a century, there was a great debate about whether he would be able to break Sachin Tendulkar's record or not. But for the last three years, Kohli could not score a century. That stopped the discussion. The talk of Kohli breaking his long drought with his maiden T20 century in the Asia Cup is gaining new momentum. Joining it, former Australian captain Ricky Ponting said, Koheli, can still surpass his predecessor.

After scoring a century in the Kolkata Test against Bangladesh in November 2019, Kohli saw no other three figures in international cricket. After that, with time, his consistency of runs with the bat also started to lose. The discussion-criticism starts with his reading form.

Kohli also broke down mentally during this difficult time. After a break of more than a month, he returned to the field with the Asia Cup. Matches himself, and gives a glimpse of returning to his own form.

Kohli shines in his familiar form against Afghanistan. He played an extraordinary inning of 122 runs off 61 balls on the way to his first century in international T20. Cut 1,200 days of century drought.

In this innings, Kohli reached Ponting's second highest century list in the international arena. Both have 71 centuries now. Indian batting legend Tendulkar tops all with 100 centuries.

The 33-year-old Kohli has fallen far behind in chasing Tendulkar's record as he has not scored a century in the intervening few years. In the ICC Review, Australia's two World Cup-winning captains Ponting said Kohli's potential is not over.

“If I had asked this question three years ago, I would have said yes. But to be fair, his centuries have slowed down. But I still believe it is possible for him (to surpass Sachin), no doubt."

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