Reduce wrist pain

Reduce wrist pain


Reduce wrist pain

People who work continuously for long hours should use a 'Carpal Tunnel Brace' while working.

Excessive hand work causes discomfort in the wrist. It is called 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

There are many discussions, and suggestions about eye problems, back pain, neck pain, and obesity due to long hours of working on a computer. However, there is no discussion about another part of the body being used constantly. That is two hands.

Think about it, the whole time you are working, there is pressure on the base of the wrist. This causes a disease called 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which causes pain in the hands and wrists.

The United Kingdom's "National Health Service" says that long-term pressure on the nerves in the wrist causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the hands and fingers, including the wrist.

Pressure on the 'median nerve' due to pressure on the hands for a long time. It causes numbness in the hand, sometimes a burning sensation, or it may feel like someone is pricking the finger.

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"Hand and wrist surgeon" of the "Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center" Dr. James Moss Jr., in a report published on Well&, said, “This disease occurs when the hands and wrists are used excessively and forcefully. People who work continuously for long hours should use a 'Carpal Tunnel Brace' while working.

That's how it works

He further said, “The function of the carpal tunnel brace is to stabilize the wrist so that its contraction, extension, movement is reduced as much as possible. This 'brace' reduces the pressure in the 'carpal tunnel' in the wrist. The pressure on the 'median nerve' in that tunnel is reduced."

The brace should be worn keeping the wrist in the normal position. It can be worn while working. But sleeping later in the night will be most effective.

About how to buy a 'brace', this doctor said, "You should buy a 'brace' made of comfortable materials. A brace made of neoprene felt etc. would be ideal. The material or cloth made of 'brace' should be breathable."

"After wearing it should be kept so that hands and palms do not sweat. Again, check whether the brace sits firmly on the hand or not. It is wise to buy with the advice of a doctor.”

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