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Daily Prothom Alo Newspaper Newspaper

Daily Prothom Alo Newspaper

Daily Prothom Alo

4 November 1998. Prothom Alo (Prothom-Alo) begins its humble journey with the Prothom-Alo of dawn. Due to bold journalism, rich content, and presentation with a unique format and design, Prothom Alo quickly won the hearts of people, even the most sophisticated and fastidious readers extended their loyalty to it. Since then, Prothom Alo has been lighting up every corner of Bangladesh along with 200 other countries and regions of the world through its print and digital offerings.

Values ​​and principles

The most contributing factor behind Prothom Alo's unparalleled popularity is the values ​​and principles we adhere to:

  • Professional journalism
  • We practice transparent and objective journalism with exemplary courage
  • People focus
  • We talk about people; We are with the people
  • Change the catalyst
  • Every day we talk about positive change
  • innovation
  • We look beyond the ordinary; We progress with innovation and uniqueness
  • integrity
  • We march together

The source of our uniqueness

Prothom Alo is committed to the ideals of democracy, communal harmony and the spirit of Bangladesh's liberation war. Our bias is only towards country and people and not towards any party or group. Prothom Alo is objective, uncompromising and unbiased in reporting the news. We respect women, children, and all minorities equally and we value everyone in a family from the oldest to the youngest.

Our journalists follow the strict journalistic principles formulated by Prothom Alo. These dedicated journalists are spread across different districts to cover every nook and cranny. Moreover, Prothom Alo has also developed a mandatory code of ethics for reporting on women and children. Prothom Alo compiled 'Language Usage Guidelines' to maintain the purity of Bengali and promote uniform usage of the language.

If Prothom Alo's strength lies in its values ​​and principles, its source of inspiration is its readers. They are its final judge, its ultimate owner. They keep the first light alive every day and encourage us to move forward into the future. Prothom Alo is ultimately responsible to its readers.

Prothom Alo Print

In its journey, Prothom Alo has broken the conventional circulation landmarks of Bangladesh's print news media industry and is relentlessly striving to take itself to new heights. This leading newspaper is printed from press facilities located in Dhaka, Chittagong and Bogra.

According to the National Media Survey 2018, 6.6 million people read Prothom Alo's print edition every day. Prothom Alo's readership is not only ahead of any newspaper in the country, but it also reaches the most sophisticated and highly educated readers of Bangladesh.

Beyond Bangladesh's borders, Prothom Alo is also published outside Bangladesh - the weekly North American edition is printed in New York and distributed to expatriate Bangladeshis living in the United States.

Prothom Alo Digital

Prothom Alo online portal is the world's number one Bangladeshi and Bengali language website. Our portal is accessed by 13 million visitors from around 200 different countries and regions of the world with around 300 million page views per month.

Based on Facebook fan following, Prothom Alo is one of the most popular Facebook pages in Bangladesh with around 15 million followers. Prothom Alo is also among the top 100 media companies in the world based on the number of followers on Facebook. On Twitter, Prothom Alo has one of the largest accounts in Bangladesh. The number of followers and engagement level Prothom Alo has on other social media platforms is unmatched in the country.


Prothom Alo regularly organizes several programs on various topics and commemorates special occasions. Some of the popular programs of Prothom Alo are:

  • Mathematics Festival (Mathematics Olympiad)
  • Language Competition (Language Competition)
  • Borno Mela (Alphabet Fair)
  • Youth Fest
  • Debate competition
  • Science Carnival
  • Dear Sikhkhok Shommanona (Dear Teacher Award)
  • Agriculture Award (Agriculture Award)
  • Programming competition
  • Structural Design Competition
  • Merrill-First Alo Purushkar (Media and Entertainment Award)
  • Bridal Festival
  • Kianando (Youth Education Festival)
  • Book of the Year Award
  • Sportsperson of the Year Award
  • Women's day celebration
  • Prothom Alo Trust

Breaking from the typical role of a newspaper, Prothom Alo actively involved itself in various philanthropic activities through the Prothom Alo Trust established in May 2009. We not only speak up for those who have been wronged, we also extend our support As much as we can for humanitarian reasons. Prothom Alo Trust's initiatives, which have been highly appreciated locally and internationally.

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