Covid-19 vaccine News Update

Covid-19 vaccine News Update


The first dose of the covid vaccine

The first dose of the covid vaccine

A special program has been started again to bring everyone under vaccination, which will continue till October 3. The first dose of the covid vaccine is discontinued after October 3.

The Department of Health has started a special vaccination program on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's birthday for those who have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The program which started on Wednesday will continue till October 3.

After the program ends, the first and second doses of the vaccine will no longer be given. Director General of the Department of Health said that only booster doses will be given. ABM Khurshid Alam.

Even before this, special programs like mass vaccination were taken for people who were not vaccinated.

In a press conference at the directorate, the director general said that so far 97 percent of the total population of the country has taken the first dose of the vaccine. 90 percent took the second dose and 41 percent took the booster dose.

According to the latest data of the Directorate, more than 13 crore 12 lakh 95 thousand first doses have been administered in the country till Tuesday. 12 crore 17 lakh 87 thousand people received the second dose and more than 4 crore 57 lakh 60 thousand people received the booster dose.

Dr. Khurshid said that this special program is for those who have not yet received the first and second doses of the vaccine.

“We want to boost the special immunization program. This is because vaccination targets are being met and some people have not yet been vaccinated to vaccinate them.”

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No first dose of covid vaccine after Oct 3: Health Minister

Asked whether the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine will be given or not, he said that there is no plan yet.

“The World Health Organization is yet to issue guidelines. Countries that are offering the fourth vaccine are giving it according to their country's protocol. It will be done if the World Health Organization gives directions,” he added.

In the press conference, the additional director general of the department, Professor Dr. Ahmadul Kabir, Director of Disease Control Branch Professor Dr. Dr. Nazmul Islam, head of vaccination program. Shamsul Haque was present.

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