'A piece of Bangladesh' at Dashrath's gallery

'A piece of Bangladesh' at Dashrath's gallery

'A piece of Bangladesh' at Dashrath's gallery

Bangladeshi fans also came to Dashrath's gallery to shout for Sabina-Krishna against Nepal.

Before the start of the fight on the field, it became a game of sun-rain hide-and-seek. In Kathmandu, there was bright sunshine till 1.30 pm on Monday. Then it rained. But the rain could not keep the football-crazy Nepalese visitors indoors. They flocked to Dashrath Stadium to support Savitra-Anita against Bangladesh.

It is normal to flock to the gallery in support of the host team. But it is not that there are no fans of Bangladesh. Although not in groups, Bangladeshi football fans in Nepal are also coming to the stadium to cheer for Sabina-Monika. The question remains, though, whether Gallariv will cut through the shouts of the Nepalese fans and their voices will reach Sabina's ears.

Hosts Nepal and Bangladesh will face each other in the women's SAFF Championship title clash at the Dasarath Stadium in Kathmandu on Monday. The match will start at 5 o'clock local time. Both teams will come down with the dream of winning the first title.

Going out to the stadium, he met a Bangladeshi fan named Kamrul Hasan in the lobby of the hotel. Bangladesh flag in hand. He said that he will go to the field to motivate the team.

“The girls made it to the finals; I will definitely go to the field to support them. Not only I am going, but many others will also go with us.”

While going to take pictures of the Bangladeshis, three hotel workers also appeared with the Nepalese flag. In response to the question 'Who will win the final?', Kiming Tamang gave a surprising answer, where the picture of the relationship between two friendly countries, Bangladesh and Nepal, also emerged.

"We have won the title by defeating India! You lost them too. Whoever wins today's final, it doesn't matter to me."

Water has accumulated on the streets of Kathmandu due to heavy rains. There is also traffic congestion in the stadium area. Taxi driver Sagar was initially annoyed by the traffic but joined the discussion after reading about the match.

"Be it rain or whatever, the Nepalis will come to the field. They cannot be confined at home in the Nepal match. Nepal or Bangladesh, I do not know who will win; But both teams played well and reached the final."

Mahi Sagar and Sejunti were seen holding the flag of Bangladesh in the gallery. Someone is waving a house-sized Bangladeshi flag in sync with the Nepalese. Sagar Biswas, a ninth grader, believes that Bangladesh will leave the field with the trophy.

"I think Bangladesh will win the title today. We have reached the final by playing very well."

Sejunti, who is studying in class VIII, has the same belief. While chanting Bangladesh-Bangladesh slogans, he expressed his belief, 'Sabina-Krishna will fight today.'

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